Anyone Can Become a Teacher in the Most Important Classroom There is…

Did you know that children’s centers count on the strengths and interests of their community members to educate and inspire children in need? If you’re a child or an adult who still gets that warm-fuzzy feeling when you hear “show-and-tell” (I know I do!) then volunteering a lesson, activity, speech, or workshop at your local children’s center is for you!

What’s A Children’s Center?

A Children’s center is a safe place for families with young children, or teens, to access facilities, learning programs, and or the support they need. Many centers are non-profit organizations or run by state or local governments. Some are more rehabilitative in nature or provide shelter for those in need. Services are free and primarily volunteer-run.

Children and families who utilize these centers are generally under the poverty-line and often times seeking the rehabilitation services as victims of abuse, crime, or trafficking. Other times programs can be held for children with disabilities or those recovering from trauma. These centers are a crucial part of our communities and are most successful when a collective of volunteer efforts assist them.

How to Volunteer?

Volunteering is a something that’s on many of our minds, but often times not in our calendars. Volunteer applications processes are sometimes bureaucratic and daunting, and extended commitments just don’t mix with the ever-changing needs of kids, work, and school. The struggle is real!

The good news is that many organizations are welcoming “single-event” volunteer efforts based on a “Show-and-tell” type model. If you’re passionate about something you do, something you have, or something you know, chances are you can make kids passionate about it too. Who knows how you could change a child’s life for the better?

ISP’s October Campaign

We’re super excited about what we’ve discovered about this rare volunteer opportunity while researching for this month’s campaign, and love that anyone can be a teacher, mentor, and positive light in these children’s lives. This month we’re encouraging our ambassadors to throw a Halloween craft party at their local Children’s Center, and we’re even providing easy guides to budget-friendly holiday crafts and party planning. We look forward to hearing how our ambassadors enjoyed sharing their enthusiasm for the holiday with new friends.

What are you enthusiastic about? Whether it’s cooking, yoga, comic books, cats, reptiles, history, etc, there is no interest or skill-level too small to make a change. No Ph.D. required! What can you share with high-risk children in your community today?