In a Chaotic World This Week What Can We Do To Help Our Children?

In a Chaotic World This Week What Can We Do To Help Our Children?



On the heels of the events in Sydney this past Monday came another reminder of the reality of our world today. Sitting in a meeting I saw a news post flash on my phone about the school massacre in Pakistan – 132 children gone over nonsense. Just last night I ended my evening watching a documentary called “Out of the Clear Blue Sky“, about 9/11 and the effects it had on Cantor Fitzgerald who lost every employee that day in the tower to terrorism. To watch that film footage and feel as though no time has really passed, it’s incredible to think it has been over 13 years. To wake up to the news in the last 48 hours has reminded me, yet again, the world is drastically different than it was even on September 10, 2001. An entirely different world my children will grow up in and one I don’t envy.

I have mentioned several times where the inspiration for ISP has come from and what drives me to do it. However, I started to think today that quite possibly it was rooted further back than that. Subconsciously I have wanted to do whatever I could to make my children’s lives happier, peaceful, and one of purpose and intention in hopes of creating a positive and healthy outlook on the world. Clearly, this will be challenging.

The only thing I can do is what I can control. For my kids, this will be incorporating a life of philanthropy, giving, and compassion for all walks of life and causes. By participating on the different projects and events we will do with our Kindness Ambassadors starting in 2015. Things they have already dabbled in and have enjoyed so I doubt I will get much pushback. Personally this is the only way I know how to help them grow into amazing, compassionate, happy adults in a world that is chaotic.

















To shift gears to the far more positive…….

For December we started with over 200 kids sending cards to our military and heroes deployed during the holidays. Just a simple, easy task that both the kids and parents got so much out of with paper and markers. Although these awesome kiddos weren’t “official” Kindness Ambassadors with ISP, they got a nice introduction to how it feels to do something for another – in this case the men and women responsible for our freedom. Regardless of your political views, the people that put their lives on the line for ours – virtual strangers to whom we owe so much.

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Thank you to all the amazing kids and parents who took the time during this busy time of year to make a service member’s holiday a little bit brighter. You may never know what you have done for this stranger.

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If your child or anyone you know would be a great Kindness Ambassador in 2015 and want more information, please email us at (a free 501(c)3 non-profit program for kids). To support the Infinite Smile’s Kindness Ambassador Program through our products, please click here.