Introducing Throw Back “Kindness” Thursday – Pass It On!

Introducing Throw Back “Kindness” Thursday – Pass It On!


throw back 1

Scary Santa and me circa 1976

Throw Back Thursday – a social media frenzy every Thursday of photos from childhood, awkward 80’s photos, or from your high school varsity game (go Vaqueros). It’s almost become a national pastime to throw these nostalgic photos online each Thursday so we thought we would put a little spin on this phenomenon each week.

Introducing Throw Back Kindness Thursday!

Throw back 80s

What is TBKT? It’s a specific day of the week to wake up, throw some kindness back into the world that day, and make the day a little more awesome. It’s that easy.

So instead of posting a picture like this:

siblings 70s

My brother, sister and me circa 1976. Photo credit Kim Downey

You can post this:

making food

Our philanthropists making food for those in need this Thanksgiving

 Or in addition to this:

Dad shorts

I just have no words. Circa 1976. Photo credit Kim Downey

You can slide in a photo like this:

change world 3 dog basket

The bucket of tennis balls left at Dog Beach for our favorite friends. Photo credit ISP

 So, here is your challenge today

1. Wake up and set yourself up to be amazing

2. Decide what small act of kindness you want to do today for someone (ie. buy a coffee for another, call an old friend, do an errand for a friend, or talk to your janitor at school)

3. Have your friends, kids, Mom, Grandpa join in the fun and do the same on Thursdays

4. Take a lovely graphic above (this week’s featured graphic is an 80’s throwback look), put it up on your social media and tell the world you just sprinkled some awesomeness around today

5. Spread the word! Kindness is infectious so let people know about the Infinite Smile Project!

We look forward to seeing what you start doing on Throw Back Kindness Thursdays!

Kim modeling

Pier 1 holiday ad circa 1978. I actually remember doing this shoot. Photo credit Kim Downey

Comments always welcome below!