Free Kids Kindness Crafts Workshop & the Amazing New Anaheim Packing District This Sunday!

*Please see bottom for information on free kids kindness event at the Packing House Sunday 9/28 1:00-3:00.

packing house 10

photo credit Anaheim Packing House

It’s probably quite apparent that the workload has been constant lately over here at ISP. We have been down to Camp Pendleton talking with Marines, Skype sessions with people doing amazing things outside the U.S. to see how we can support one another, helping people and schools in need currently and of course getting ready for our big launch (don’t forget about the almost daily giveaways). We are now slotted for next week as we are still waiting on an approval for a couple of things for Dylan & Delany’s book – our apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience.

So now I digress…….

In the midst of all this work I have also made the trek up to Hollywood twice in the last couple of weeks for interviews on various radio shows. I didn’t even get the chance to really review them until recently. One of them was on camera (which I completely forgot about until I was there). What I noticed right off the bat when I watched it was I not only looked tired, but EXHAUSTED. Truth be told, I am always exhausted running a business, a non-profit and the needs of my extremely energized 4-year old twins – but I don’t ever take time to look at myself in the mirror nevertheless on a one-hour video. This was from The Amazing Hour in Hollywood (click here for the interview/video).

amazing hour interview

Clearly I realized I need a break. So, I took a day off the other weekend and we ventured to a new place not too far from Disneyland called the Anaheim Packing District. Built in 1919, the packing house was where the local farmers cleaned and prepped their oranges after harvest to be distributed for sale. Now, this area has been completely renovated into this new, hip, indoor/outdoor market with food, drinks, live music and entertainment.


We walked around the indoor area packed with various niche restaurants. Two of the most popular were Pop Bar and The Iron Press.


Pop Bar is a store with gelato in the form of a popsicle with various flavors and toppings. Originally from NYC it definitely has proven to be the most popular store in the packing house currently.


The Iron Press serves up tap beer and waffles specialties. At one of my meetings later that week I met the owner, Jeremy, who was kind enough to allow me to sample some of their specialty brews (which from someone who loves tap beer I must say were amazing) and then outdid himself with this:

packing house 11

Sin at its’ finest: the Captain Crunch Waffle with bananas and strawberries.

Also indoors were several other spots with small, open-area bars, various types of restaurants – anything from southern cooking to ice-cream, and a stage for live music or events.


If you head outdoors on the weekend there is a farmers market with food and other items.


Our favorite was a fruit stand operated by a non-profit called ABC Hopes (All Because Christopher Hopes). They work to help individuals with Down Syndrome become active members of society by giving them jobs, education and social skills needed. Having a relative with Down Syndrome who worked her whole life and took so much pride in what she did – and was extremely good at it – I support them 100%. Their inspiration, Christopher, helped us do our hope squares for their quilt. Here are the ones we did with the twinsies.


Christopher did a great job painting up my hand for my square.

packing 2

And for the record: I am fairly confident Daddy set that one up for “a baby”. Trust me, unfortunately that wish will NOT be coming true. So we will shoot for A’s wish, a “puppy”. Much easier than another baby, thank you.

If you haven’t checked out the Packing District, this Sunday is the time. Soon after our first visit an events coordinator reached out to me to do a kids kindness event at the packing house on their center stage for their popular Sunday spot. Come on out for this free event from 1:00-3:00pm! We will be having kids crafts to be given to the less fortunate. Fun for them, good for others, and filled with a lesson in kindness. All for free.

See you Sunday!

Anaheim Packing House

440 South Anaheim Blvd,

Anaheim, CA 92805