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I’ve made it my mantra during our 40 day non-profit launch to provide as many resources, stories of inspiration, events and kindness ideas  – big and small – to share with as many people as possible. To demonstrate how even the smallest acts of kindness can make enormous impact on others or the simplest of words can provoke so much thought.

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I came across a popular site that peaked my interest. It’s a blog called Kind Over Matter that is a place people can go to get their daily dose of kindness, share some of their experiences, or just to be inspired by pure goodness. So, I did what I do best – reached out to the owner, Lara, to tell me more about it and share why she feels people feel drawn to it.

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When I asked Laura how she would explain her site, the phrase she used that I loved was that KOM is “the rabbit hole you want to get lost in on the internet” (very Alice in Wonderland-ish, right?). It has different segments that she blogs about and hosts on her site. Various segments include:

  • Kind Kindred Series: Stories of people’s experiences shared to warm and engage others’ souls
  • Kindness in Business: Guest bloggers and insight on how to incorporate kindness and create a heart-centered business
  • Love to Love: Here you will find more sensitive, heart-string topics. Difficult to read at times, but important for others who read to show they are not alone and can find a caring community to support these contributors. Anything from overcoming adversity, equal rights issues to rape… anything that can show someone’s strength and bravery in today’s world

There is also “Poetry Corner, “Monday Motivators”, and “Laughter Lover” to add to the mix. Guest bloggers and contributors from all over the world share compelling and interesting stories to this site. It’s a very engaging community that has so much to offer when watching the news is just bringing you down. People leave this site feeling less alone and certainly with a smile on their face.

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Currently the owner, Lara, is doing #365 Days of Kind. This initiative is actually what brought me to the site in the first place. Each day even the simplest of acts contribute the greater good of the world done by Lara herself. She did it for her own personal journey only to find that fans and followers adopted the concept as well which was an added bonus. That’s the thing about kindness – once touched by it people want to ride the wave of happiness and good. Certainly not a bad thing.

If you want to play around Lara’s site, visit Kind Over Matter here. Whether a blogger or someone that has a story or insight to contribute, KOM is a welcoming community. Contact Lara and schedule  a date for your post. Share your stories, inspire others and mostly importantly, leave fulfilled.

kindovermatter 4Lara is the owner of Kind Over Matter and resides just outside of Philadelphia with her husband and cat, Gemini. She can be reached at You can also find her at her popular twitter page, Facebook account, or Instagram. All their great stories and other fun stuff is on her blog, Kind Over Matter.