Smile It Forward This Holiday ~The Kindest Gift You Can Give

Smile It Forward This Holiday ~The Kindest Gift You Can Give




Busy, busy, busy. That’s our motto right now, is it not? However, let’s not forget about that this time of year is mainly about helping others who are not as fortunate as us. To appreciate and be grateful for what we have. To leave the world a better place for our children.

We are so blessed. We live in a first world country, have a place to call home, shelter and food for our families. We don’t lack for anything therefore it is our responsibility to help those who do. To help one another and show our kids the importance of taking care of one another no matter their social status, color, age, language or interests. In the end, it’s all in their hands.

For the holidays please consider helping our campaigns for 2015, Kindness Ambassador and anti-bullying programs for kids ages 3-18. You can donate in a child or adult’s name to the Infinite Smile Project and know that there are very passionate people out there incorporating these programs into your schools and communities.

“Smile it Forward” for someone you love this holiday season. We have so many “things” but what we really need is “action”. Visit our new store at and you can purchase a personalized certificate of donation like the one below. If received by December 19th, we can mail  a certificate if you wish or we can send a personalized certificate via email if preferred.

holiday certificate

It’s our last 7 days of our fundraiser! Please spread the word and let us know what ISP can do for your community!