ISP’s NEW WEBSITE! Free, Simple Resources to Teach Kids Kindness & Compassion

ISP’s NEW WEBSITE! Free, Simple Resources to Teach Kids Kindness & Compassion


…..and they certainly have! Introducing our new & improved website for the Infinite Smile Project! A great big hug and thanks to the amazing Nathanael – the web design guy all the way over in Ireland. We are so thankful to have found you and can’t wait to meet you face to face later this year in the U.K. to thank you properly!

NYC radio city music hall

Stars have made it across the states from West to East, across the Atlantic, to the Far East and Latin America. Now we have our map to officially add some in 2015 thanks to our supporters.

So, let’s take a little tour of what  this means to you, shall we? Well, thanks to all our sponsors and donors at the end of 2014 during our ISP fundraiser we now have the Dylan & Delany book in the works. The characters are getting a bit of a makeover now thanks to the unbelievably talented Dean Salamone – really, take a look at his site, does it get any better than a guy with this sort of experience ( We will now be looking at a book later in 2015 with these new designs but in the meantime we have some other things for kids, parents and supporters to enjoy.

The new site finally has the Magic Kindness Star map where anyone anyplace in the world can add their kindness story to the map and a picture of their star. Our goal? Well, let’s get as many across that map as we can! We will have our traveling wood stars in shortly from overseas so expect to see a lot more of them soon. We will be mailing some stars to those that want to teach their kids some kindness and acts of service. Just say the word and we will send some your way.

The second thing we have on the new site is our monthly campaigns and challenges. These are designed to be easy, inexpensive, able to do with any age anywhere in the world and most importantly – impactful.


Peanut made some cards and attached to flowers to unassuming people she picked that make her smile. They nearly cried receiving this unexpected surprise for no reason. Peanut felt so special from their responses.

 This month we have kids donating clothes and making cards for someone that is easily overlooked but deserves to be recognized for being important. There are so many people in our lives that fit this description and who better than a child to bring to their attention that they are not forgotten or special. Please take a look at February’s challenge “Warm a Heart & Let Love Bloom”. Our campaign for February is more of a Sunday afternoon family activity that helps keep others warm while offering some early spring cleaning. Consider spending a day like our Smile Advisors did with “Clean Your Closet to Clothe Your Friend”.

Keep your eyes open for March’s campaigns and challenges where we will pair up with GenerationOn again to “Make Your Mark On Hunger”. Any age can participate and learn why we should help other children who are hungry.


Angel gathered some friends to sort fruit for hungry families. We learned that day all about the food bank and how some kids need basic things like food.

This year we will be focusing on our kids and their “blank slate”. ISP is going to work to color this slate with our compassionate, service-oriented, and enthusiastic Ambassadors in 2015. This will be done with simplistic ideas and service days. We will give you the tools, you just set aside the time. It is the most important thing we can do for our children – take the time to lead by example and show them how beautiful life is when you commit to giving to others.

Thanksgiving collage

Our Smile Advisors making healthy, homemade meals for families spending Thanksgiving on the Oncology floor at Children’s Hospital.

In closing we have a lot of people to thank for all of their help the last few months. A great big thank you to everyone that donated to the fundraiser and made this all possible. To Nathanael for the website, Corey from Centurion Branding for his dedication to this fundraiser and time he donated, Shah Law for their charitable hearts and all their help in becoming a non-profit, all the companies that donated time and money to help make the fundraiser possible and all our friends and family for their unwavering support. Those that went above and beyond, you know who you are and we are grateful to know you.

And lastly to my beautiful, charismatic, fun and caring twinsies for inspiring such an organization. You are the reason we will continue build ISP. The happiness it has brought you makes it all worthwhile. You have shown the world that no matter how small or young you are – there are a million ways to better the world one day at a time. Love you to the moon and back!