Kindness is For Everyone

For all of our dog lovers out there we want to highlight the love we have for pups this month! Owning a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences. They are so loyal, always greet you with excitement, and give the best at cuddles and kisses. There is nothing like having your own pup… Details

Amazing Acts of Service!

Showing love and compassion to our neighbors, near and far, is important to how you can help shape the world you live in. We often reflect on the value of living in a community that you are proud of and have helped make a better place. Through acts of kindness, we are able to build… Details

The Power of Love!

Let’s see what the power of love can accomplish!  We recently met a little girl who is going through a difficult journey in life, and through special friends, we were able to witness her live one of her dreams. Kailyn is a special, vibrant little girl who is currently undergoing treatments for A.L.L. – High… Details

Why You Should Do This Before Your Next Gift Exchange (plus 9 awesome charities for the holidays)

Here is a kindness hack that will also make your holiday shopping easier and more meaningful this season, with this great challenge inspired by one of our own staff. It really works and has been a wonderful way to involve the children in her family for many years. Plus it seriously eliminates the time and… Details