Summer of Kindness Challenge #5: Art Mixed with Kindness & Love

Good morning ISP’ers! We received several emails about the finger painted artwork in our “How Loss Became My Best Teacher of Life” post so we decided to use this kindness idea for our summer kids kindness challenge week 5. These are Downey family masterpieces. My children have made these for people for various birthdays, special… Details

Summer of Kindness Challenge #3: Favorite Pastimes Edition

I suppose I can attribute this desire from Peanut & Angel for a permanent lemonade stand at my house in large part to the popular kid’s shows, “Peppa Pig” and “Olivia”. These pig cartoons clearly have a huge influence at the homestead. Lucky for us the week my kids started asking to make homemade lemonade… Details

The Infinite Smile Project’s story in OC’s biggest newspaper

This is our half-page article in the Orange County Register on Tuesday, July 15, 2014. Thank you so much, Suzanne, for making this happen. We were so excited about our article and all the amazing feedback we received today. We are truly blessed. Life never stops at the Esmond household. A husband that makes the… Details

Mind Crush: Skyping to London with The Kindness Offensive

I have a mind crush. I don’t crush on anyone very often (we have already established the Bono situation) but when I sat dumbfounded at what four friends who felt like being kind around London have accomplished in 6 years I couldn’t help myself. As I sat sipping my morning coffee face to face with… Details