During the Ferguson, MO Tragedy, St. Louis Dispatch Called ISP Asking Us About Kindness

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I have mentioned in previous posts as much as I stay abreast of world news and politics I try not to watch the news too often. This is mainly because it just makes me overwhelmed and sad these days watching the current atrocities and suffering across the globe. I prefer reading online news or the recent Time issue with basic facts and images.

In the last month we are all aware of the Ferguson, Missouri tragedy of Michael Brown. We all saw the violent protests, looting and anger that filled their streets for days.

Being a native of Southern California I couldn’t help but think back to the Rodney King riots of 1992. It was such a sad thing to watch all that hatred fill the streets in this amazing place I call home. Then, as a teenager, I just saw it as scary and sad. Now as a parent I see so many layers in what happened in Los Angeles and last month in Ferguson.

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Los Angeles, CA circa May 1992. Photo credit latimes.com

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Ferguson, MS August 14, 2014. Photo credit abcnews.com

Clearly as we prepare for our official launch I thought how amazing it would be to get some of our programs and Ambassadors to that part of the country after this event to help people heal and learn to reach out to one another after such violence.

Then something amazing happened.

I got a call from the St. Louis Dispatch, their largest newspaper. Reporter, Aisha Sultan, called me to ask, “Can Kindness Be Taught?”.

I went from confused, to flattered to excited that a reporter found us and wanted my insight for her article during such a trying time for them. Nevertheless, here is the article published a week ago in the St. Louis Dispatch-Post.


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The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Article